Aging In Place

Enhancing Safety In The Home You Love

Retaining Your Independence

Retaining your independence is an important freedom to have as you get older. Our senior independent living experts in Germantown are ready to complete a home safety assessment so you can have peace of mind living in your home. The assessment will provide an in-depth analysis of any safety hazards and evaluate your living environment.

Once our in-depth safety analysis of your home is complete, our experts will give suggestions on changes to make your living area safer and more secure to meet your aging in place needs. Pivotal Senior Services is here to make your life a more independent one. Contact us today to schedule your home safety assessment!

Home Safety Assessment

Have you or your loved one made the decision to age in place? Our Germantown senior independent living and home safety professionals at Pivotal Senior Services understand that there might be some hesitancy living at home. There is a possibility for potential fall hazards, lighting inconsistencies, fire risks, and other safety hazards that could harm you or your loved one. Now is the time to schedule an in-depth assessment of your home as the next step.

Areas included in our home safety evaluations:

1. Exterior
2. Bedrooms
3. Bathrooms
4. Entry Ways
5. Laundry Room
6. Garage
7. Basement
8. Kitchen
9. Dining Room

Contact Pivotal Senior Services to schedule your home safety assessment today.



Your detailed home assessment will also include a fire safety check as well as looking at electrical hazards and lighting issues. Results and recommendations will be provided at the completion of your home safety assessment. Our team of professionals will then recommend the best prescreened and verified providers in Germantown to make any necessary changes. 

Our home safety assessment allows you and your loved ones to live an independent life. Contact our experts today, and start living a better tomorrow.